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Tower Light

Posted by mahmoudk-admin on 27 August ,2017 , 3:22 pm Blog Products

tower light


Tower Light helps you to generate power all the time

Tower Light is the most progressive winch-worked available, the LT6600 comprises of an overwhelming obligation trailer, four floodlights and a diesel-driven generator set mounted in a weatherproof fenced area for calm operation. Administrator control and investigating are less demanding with brought together control board and aggregate securities to the diesel motor. The TOWER LIGHT  LT6600 has premium highlights not accessible on other link worked light towers, for example, long-life excited pinnacle areas and a retractable power line. With solid Stamford alternator.

Additional  Benefits of tower light

1. A solitary, hand-worked security winch raised the three-piece extending tower from level to vertical, at that point stretches out to its full 9m tallness. Tower light is 360 degrees rotatable for simple pointing of floodlights from ground level and aroused for long, inconvenience free life.

2. The pinnacle light is Weatherproof nook decreases motor clamor outside bureau (as low as 70 dBA at 7 meters). Coordinated ventilation gives cooler operation.

3. Electrical System incorporates:

a) Key begin control board enables the administrator to begin and stop the motor by key, and screen motor and generator with the programmed shutdown assurances of low oil weight, high water temperature, and so on and finish electrical framework from one effortlessly open board.

b) Individual floodlight circuits.

c) tower light has a module segment with Mil-Spec connectors (counterbalances, control string, and floodlights) can be supplanted by the administrator when the circuit repairman is no access as well, technopower KSA has generator spare parts.

4. Rough floodlight apparatus with light end bolster and tempered focal point. Floodlights can be mounted on cross-arm amid travel mode.

5. Tilt spring begins tower toward travel position when bringing down.

6. Additional substantial obligation trailer outline developed of basic steel tubing.

7. Dependable car complete with prime coat and five-steps, erosion safe, press phosphate pre-treatment. All parts painted before get together.

8.(95 Liters) thought process fuel tank gives up to 60 hours of operation.

9. Single-point lifting eye and secure rings guarantee sheltered and adjusted lifting and transport.

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Deep sea controller

Posted by mahmoudk-admin on 27 August ,2017 , 3:20 pm Blog Products

Deep Sea Controller

Deep Sea Controller Features

Deep Sea Controller has many features as following:

  • Lighting tower control                                           (L)
  • Synchronising and load sharing control           (LS)
  • Auto mains (utility)control failure control       (AMF)
  • Manual/ auto start control                                  (MS/AS)
  • Engine only control                                                (E)
  • Expansion Type                                                       (EX)

A range of battery chargers and power supplies for industrial applications

  • Intelligent battery charges        (IBC)
  • Power supplies                             (PS)
  • Battery charges                            (BC)
  • Self-seeking power supplies     (SSP)

Auto Transfer Switch

A range of modules for automatic transfer switch control and

Deep Sea Controller

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ATS Panel

Posted by mahmoudk-admin on 27 August ,2017 , 2:39 pm Blog Products

ATS Panel

The Auto Transfer Switch (ATS Panel) is Important For emergency power in buildings.

The ATS Panel can naturally exchange stack from fundamental energy to crisis control without administrator intercession. At the point when the primary power comes up short or voltage dip under 80% of ordinary voltage, the ATS Panel board will begin the crisis generator, after a preset time of 0 to 10 seconds (movable). At evaluated speed, the board will exchange the heap for crisis control with accessible size running from 32A to 4000A. There is a switch appropriate for each undertaking’s need.


  • Rating range from 32 to 4000A
  • Mechanically held contactor & Breaker
  • Optionally 4 or 3 poles

Types of ATS Panel:

ATS Contactor Type:
Automatic transfer switch consists of 4 pole/ 3 pole contactors mechanically interlocked to transfer the load automatically.

ATS Motorized Type:
Automatic transfer switch consists of Motorized breaker (MCCB/ ACB) electrically and mechanically interlocked as per the regulations and standards of local Authorities SEWA/ DEWA/ ADDC/ FEWA.

ATS Changeover Type:
Automatic transfer switch consists of Changeover (Automatic) 4 pole/ 3 poles motorized to transfer the load automatically along with the option of the manual bypass.

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