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Light Tower

The most advanced winch-operated light tower on the market, the LT6600 consists of an heavy-duty trailer, four floodlights and a diesel-driven generator set mounted in a weatherproof enclosure for quiet operation. Operator control and troubleshooting are easier with centralized control panel and total protections to diesel engine. The LT6600 has premium features not available on other cable-operated light towers, such as long-life galvanized tower sections and a retractable power cord. With reliable Stamford alternator.


light tower

Additional Features and Benefits

1. A single, hand-operated safety winch raised the three-piece telescoping tower from horizontal to vertical, then extends to its full 9m height. Tower is 360 degree rotatable for easy aiming of floodlights from ground level and galvanized for long, trouble-free life.
2. Weatherproof enclosure reduces engine noise outside cabinet (as low as 70 dBA at 7 meters). Directed ventilation provides cooler operation.
3. Electrical System includes:
a) Key start control board allows operator to start and stop the engine by key, and monitor engine and generator with the automatic shutdown protections of low oil pressure, high water temperature, etc. and complete electrical system from one easily accessible panel.
b) Individual floodlight circuits.
c) odular plug-in components with Mil-Spec connectors (ballasts, power cord and floodlights) can be replaced by operator when electrician is no available.
4. Rugged floodlight fixture with lamp-end support and tempered lens. Floodlights can be mounted on cross-arm during travel mode.
5. Tilt spring starts tower toward travel position when lowering.
6. Extra heavy-duty trailer frame constructed of structural steel tubing.
7. Long-lasting automotive finish with prime coat and five-steps, corrosion-resistant, iron phosphate pre-treatment. All parts painted prior to assembly.
8. 25 gal. (95 Liters) motive fuel tank provides up to 60 hours of operation.
9. Single-point lifting eye and tie-down rings assure safe and balanced lifting and transport.

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