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Techno Power KSA

  • About US;Techno Power Group is the leader in manufacturing generators, especially in Saudi Arabia. We import the best UK assembled and supply it to the Middle East including Saudi Arabia market.

    Our products include; Diesel generator sets, ATS panels, Synchronizing panels, Cummins generators, Diesel tanks, Full solutions for rental power, Perkins generator and the complete range of Deep-sea controllers that are all made in the UK.


Why Techno Power?


techno power KSA- perkins generator

  • Why Techno Power?

    – Techno Power’s policy works to stock a variety of KVAs, generating sets, and spare parts to provide you with products you want on the time you need.


    – We certify all the products by testing and experiencing to ensure that they meet your standards of quality.


    – We are co-operating with professional partners in technical fields to reassure of the quality of innovation.


    – We have a highly skilled staff of qualified engineers that work successfully under extreme conditions and circumstances to maintain the generator’s full reliability.


    – We have a wide range of spare parts to provide technical support for the generators.


    – Techno Power has follow-up services that care about the quality of the products you bought and the maintenance.


    – We offer you on-site training to know how to work on generators and how to install them well.


    – Other products: Diesel generator, light towers, synchronization panels, ATS panel, and Cummins generator to meet all the needs.


    – Professional engineers and technical specialists that are there for your support and to maintain your generator functioning well.


    – Our products are manufactured based on international standards, and we test the products before selling them to the customer.


    – We execute all projects with different specifications according to the customer’s needs, and we implement fuel tanks (underground and on the surface).


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