ATS Panel

The Auto Transfer Switch( ATS Panel )


An Auto Transfer Switch ( ATS Panel ) is essential

ATS Panels from Techno Power Group will help you generate alternative power for emergencies!

Automatic Transfer Switch is set automatically to transfer the load in case of an emergency like power failure or voltage dropping below 80% then the panels will start the emergency generator after a preset time which you can adjust freely. The available size is from 32A to 4000A, and it fits all of your projects.


  • Mechanical contractors and breaker.
  • 4 or 3 optional poles.
  • The range is from 32A to 4000A.
  • Easy rent solutions from Techno Power products.


ATS Panel Genset Types

1) ATS Panel Motorized Type:

It’s electrical and mechanical switch panels that are working on automatic transferring of the load (MCCB/ACB) based on regulations of local authorities.

2) ATS Contractor Type:

ATS switch panel consists of 3 poles / 4 poles that are interlocked mechanically to transfer load.

3) ATS Changeover Type:

It’s an automatic changeover of 4 pole/ 3poles with manual bypass option to transfer load automatically.

And we have more products to offer in Techno Power Group so don’t hesitate to call us for further details. Enjoy the highest quality of generators and synchronization panels with the best prices in Saudi Arabia.

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