Deep sea controller

Deep Sea Controller panel Features

Deep Sea Controller generator has many features as following:

Techno Power KSA has many products available at Saudi Arabia branches and we are proud to provide all business owners with all types of deep sea controller 7310, panel 7420, panel 5220 and panel 8610. 

  • Lighting tower control                                           (L)
  • Synchronising and load sharing control           (LS)
  • Auto mains (utility)control failure control       (AMF)
  • Manual/ auto start control                                  (MS/AS)
  • Engine only control                                                (E)
  • Expansion Type                                                       (EX)

A range of modules for deep sea control generator

  • Intelligent battery charges        (IBC)
  • Power supplies                             (PS)
  • Battery charges                            (BC)
  • Self-seeking power supplies     (SSP)

Auto Transfer Switch

Deep Sea Controller Panel  has battery chargers and power supplies 

you can check our catalog and choose the best module and price for your business and get in touch with our team

For More information about our products, Simply get in touch with us. As well, we provide generator spare parts and generator for rent in Riyadh.

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