Synchronization panel

Synchronization panel for generator diagram

Its main function is to meet power system needs and requirements and to provide that system with manual and automatic synchronization process for generators breakers and light towers. It’s now available at Techno Power Group with more relative products of generators and panels that are the best in Saudi Arabia market.


Synchronization Panel for Generator Description:

  • A generator control unit: It’s for matching generator frequency and voltage levels together. It’s made in UK and known as a deep sea controller.
  • A syncrocloser unit: It’s responsible for sending commands to close the breaker at the right time.
  • A syncrocloser check relay: It’s responsible for the progressive function and ensuring that all voltage and phase conditions are right as set to be before allowing the breaker to close. This is available now at Techno Power Group, The best supplier generator in Saudi Arabia.

Synchronization Panel working key features:

  • Load shedding and sharing.
  • Remote SCADA monitoring/ web net.
  • Advanced integral PLC editor.
  • Factory is built up to client’s needs.
  • Automatic and manual synchronization panels.
  • Combinations of load transformers of ACBs/ MCCBs/contractors.
  • 3 pole or 4 pole systems.

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