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Tower light helps you to generater light anywhere and anytime

Enjoy the latest version of winch-operated light tower generator with Techno Power products in Saudi Arabia market. The LT6600 has a heavy-duty trailer, 4 floodlights, and a diesel driven genertor and they’re all work for creating a calmer operation.

Centralized control panel and diesel engine total protections make the process of troubleshooting and operator control much easier than before. That’s because they have additional features that aren’t exist on other cable-operated light towers, those features like; long-life galvanized tower sections, retractable power cord that is configured with synchronization panels.


Features of light tower rentals:

1- A saftey winch that raises the 3 pieces of telescoping tower from horizontal to vertical before it extends fully and manually. It’s rotatable so it rotates for 360 degrees so that it eases floodlights and lasts for so long.

2- A somerset   rental tower that is against weather and  it enclosues the engine noise out the cabinet (it’s 70 DBA at 7 Meters) and the direct ventilation cools the operation.

3- Electrical system includes;

– A board control that controls starting and stopping the engine by a key that monitors the automatic shutdown protections when; low oil pressure, high water tempretaure, and others. It comes with a full electrical system and ATS panels of deep sea.

– Rugged floodlight fixture with lamp-end support and tempered lens. Floodlights can be mounted on cross-arm during travel mode.

– Individual floodlights circuits.

– When lowering, the tilt spring tends toward travel position.

– Extra heavy- duty trailer frame that is constructed of structural steel tubing.

– Light tower signal, plug-in components, and Mil-spec connectors (ballasts, power cord, and floodlights) that could be replaced by the operator.

– Long-lasting automotive and all parts are painted prior to assembly with prime coat and five steps, corrosion- resistant, and iron phosphate pre-treatment.

– Single-point lifting eye and tie-down rings assure safe and balanced lifting and transport.

– 25 gals. (95 Liters) motive fuel tank provides up to 60 hours of operation.


Looking for the best tower light somerset to hire, Techno Power has everything you

Tower Light led signals

The fluctuate uses a light weight towers in many ares to extend up to 10 times.

It’s movable and very simple that it has uncountable advantages to the present lighting hardware which is used on a wide range like; development and repair of rail and engine streets, lighting for air terminals, stadium, inns, resorts, properties, development locales, pursuit and defend operations, shows and oil penetrating refiniries.




Tower light for sale in Saudi Arabia

Tower weight and light weight measure uses of applications specifically like an army installation, super highway passages, scaffolfs and wind turbines.

The generator of sunshine is effective and measurable by parameters that consumers have to compelled to undestand.

So, The high force has to be compelled to be installed so that generator set work well and provide you with the needed power. The trailer has to be solid to work well powerfully and effectively to carry the entire unit.

A light pinnacle is little than versatile hardwares that have at least one high-powered electrical lights.

Usually, the light units are connected to the pole and it’s appended to a trailer with a set of the generator to manage the lights. Another selection is the degree expansive mast that it’s utilized and the lights are going to be places so close to the bottom. And with the help of reflector appended to the mast, it delicates required degree that is inflatable.

The area of tower light weight is used for developing purposes as suppliers always utilize exercises to fill the gap to be solid, impermanent, extrior brightening such as academic degree example, mining, film generation, demolition, crisis administrations, oil method, brandish or farming divisions.

The mechanic elements is always changing and it embraces requesting and testing operations and keep in mind the main goal and activities.

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